Been on a collard kick lately. Hang out with me and my pressure cooker for a few minutes and have a kick ass meal for tomorrow! Collars, broccoli, rice, potatoes and more. Come along for the ride. Eat plants!

Runnin’ every day, work, family…. commitment baby. Have to find some easy way to get the good nutrition in.

13 thoughts on “Vittles

  1. Good stuff! My three year old now wants ‘noosh’ on everything,,,so funny to hear his little voice. Can I have some ‘noosh’ on this?

  2. Man that is the fanciest magnalite pot I have ever seen! Love all of the articles Josh, really good stuff.

  3. Forget the recipes….I think you need a cooking show! Love this!! Peace & plants!! 🙂 Lynda

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