Camp life

With Growing up on the Bayou – Camp life is something that’s really special to me. I’ve grown up connecting with nature and I think it’s time to create Plant Camp! Like I’ve said before – many, many, many times a big part of this journey is community.

What do you think? Please leave comments below…. or message me….. or scream it from the rooftops. You want to connect with others that are trying to make their own big change? Interested in learning more about the plant based whole food lifestyle? How bout a few days of camp life?

Watch the video and please kick back some feedback!

6 thoughts on “Camp life

  1. I’m just starting my journey (1 month in) so maybe once I’m a little lighter on my feet and could keep up. I think it’s a great idea.

  2. Im new to your blog, I LOVE the idea of a run/vege/camp. My husband is an ultra runner moving to a plant based and Im a non ultra runner moving to plant based struggling with weight loss. We have a great community of runners but few plant based so a weekend of combining the two would be AWESOME !!! and I think a few of our run pals would be interested too.

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