Bootcamp 1

It can’t be just about running, guys. If we only run, we are more susceptible to repetitive motion injuries to our running parts. (knees, ankles, feet, etc.) If we’re trying to initiate our running journey, and we’re still heavy for our natural human frame, we especially need to strengthen core (back and front), legs, hip flexors, butt, etc. The stronger (not muscley-er! Different thing) we make our bodies, the more apt we are to holding proper form in the last half or third of your running efforts. I’ve found this is where my form becomes a slop-fest, and that’s when you will hurt yourself; running throughn bad form for the sake of getting it done.

There are no kudos for hurting yourself such that you’re in a constant cycle of inflaming injury, taking time off, catching back up. It’s import, for consistency’s sake, for sustainability’s sake, that you treat your WHOLE body right, and do it with purpose.Just thought I’d share some of what I do (with my family!😊) to address these concerns…

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