Rich Roll Podcast 63

This podcast was a very special conversation I had via Skype with Rich Roll. I tweeted him a before and after pic just quickly saying how much he had inspired me to become my own version of an athlete. He emailed me about potentially being on the podcast, and of course I agreed to do the interview. I also sent him what he calls my “manifesto,” titled FREE JOSH LAJAUNIE, which wound up being the very first blog post on this site. This interview is where my next phase as a freed Josh LaJaunie began.


The Christian Villere Show

Not long after that, a friend of mine began a podcast called The Christian Villere Show. He is a funny young man, an aspiring comedian, and I was pumped that he asked me to be a guest on his podcast. He has since moved on to other things, but the interview was fun and it helped me with being more comfortable with fielding questions about my journey.


Dr. Jaimela Dulaney Interview

Next came an interview with plant-based cardiologist, Dr. Jaimela Dulaney, who had heard my interview on the Rich Roll Podcast. Not only is she a plant-based cardiologist, but she is a plant-based athlete as well. I really enjoyed speaking with her about not only my weight-loss and the role plants played, but racing and the role plants were playing in my PRs. I was still training for my NYC Marathon effort at the time.


Real Food Podcast

Then, while at an event called Healthfest in Marshall, TX, I met a guy named B.J. Tucker on a morning group run. After the run, he told me he had a podcast and that he’d love to have me on as a guest. I agreed to do the podcast with him and his lovely co-host, Lisa Fallon Midel, and was I glad I did! We had a great conversation.


Rich Roll Podcast 152

Also, while at HealthFest Marshall I had the opportunity to meet Rich Roll in person! Of course I gave him a big hug as soon as he got close enough. While in Marshall he wanted to finally do an in-person interview with me for the #RRP . So, we met at his hotel room, and this took place.


Get Healthy Marshall Potluck Talk

Before Rich actually published the podcast, the organizers of HealthFest contacted me and asked me to come back up to Marshall to speak at a potluck. I was honored to not only speak to the plant-based potluck group, but to firemen and police officers of Marshall, TX that day. The following is footage of the talk I gave after we ate that night.

Just Energy Radio Interview

At the Get Healthy Marshall potluck talk, I met Dr. Rita Louise. She asked me to interview me on her Just Energy Radio Show. The following link is to that interview.

Fat Boys Run Podcast

Not long after the Just Energy Radio interview  a really cool guy in Germany contacted for an interview on his FatBoysRun podcast. In this conversation, we talked a lot about how the Saints and Coach Payton influenced my willing/desire to change what had always been. Fun convo with a fun guy!


Ultrafinishers Podcast

This was a fun conversation with podcast host who interviews us middle-of-the-pack guys exclusively. Fun convo!


Chef AJ Telecast

Born to Kick Arse Podcast 24


Plant Yourself Podcast 174


Plant Trainers Podcast


Lean Green Dad Podcast



The Runner’s World Show Episode 29


Dr. Laurie Marbas Podcast


The Mended Paths Podcast Episode 13


Anna Chisholm Podcast


Watch me tell my story at Plant-Stock 2017

The Missing Chins Run Club on Good Morning America



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