Rather than just taking my word on things, please take a look at some of my influences on current nutritional stance.

Michael Greger, MD

Dr. Greger’s website is a go-to resource for me. Bookmark it, you find it very valuable in this transition.

The video below is a home run of a talk he recently gave that kinda touches on EVERYTHING. Take the time, no make the time to watch this.

Douglas Lisle, Ph.D.

This concept was huge for me:

Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., MD

John McDougall, MD

Jeff Novick, MS, RD

Dean Ornish, MD

Dr. Neal Barnard, MD

I have developed my current food ethos in an amalgamation of these experts concepts and teachings.

Rich Roll

Mindset: Stop Looking For The Hack!

Documentary List

Forks_Over_Knives.jpg hungryforchange.jpg Food-Matters.jpg th-2.jpg th-3.jpg th.jpg

Reading List

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4 thoughts on “Education

  1. Your April video hit me between the eyes. Thank you for your honesty. Your pain was pretty raw. I’ve never contacted you, so not guilty of hurting you, but I’m guilty of not being truthful with myself. Starting over. Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart.

  2. I am 46 years old a weighed in at 260+. My wife and I began the WFPB transition in January and are liking the results. I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the resources above and first saw you on “Big Change”. Since listening to your 2018 podcast on Rich Roll you mentioned yoga. Look up ddpyoga and Arthur’s story. I think you’ll be interested. I love what you’re doing. Keep it up for people like me.


  3. Hey Josh, Can you point me to where you speak about your loading phase (building the habit, building the base of miles)? Early on as you were transitioning to running more miles (a bit heavier in weight) what was your strategy? I have your book but was looking for a bit more detail of your weekly mileage/plan. Thank you! A

  4. Hi Josh – I saw a clip of your interview on the Today show on YouTube and found it so inspiring! I have long wanted to start a walking club for women similar to what you’ve done, how did you get started? Did you recommend each new member get a check up first? Do you meet at the same place to run every time? Did you start the group after you lost the weight or during? Would love to hear more about it!

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